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    Apple does not plan to appear before Australian price inquiry


    Apple is in hot water in Australia for refusing to appear in front of a House of Representatives inquiry into retail pricing, says

    A report by the House of Representatives standing committee on infrastructure and communications claims Apple (and other tech companies like Microsoft) charge significantly more for products in Australia than they do for the same products in the US. The committee wants to know why this pricing disparity exists and has asked Apple for an explanation. The Cupertino company handed over a confidential submission, but the confidentiality clause prevented the committee from using this information in its report.

    Apple has also refused to appear at the committee's hearings. "Apple has made the utterly wrong call, bringing down the shutters and refusing to engage with this inquiry,'' said Labor MP and committee member Ed Husic. "They're making it difficult for the committee to do its work and it's a massive double standard." This double standard is a reference to Apple's attendance at past US Congressional hearings. Apple's refusal to attend has prompted the members to discuss whether it can legally force the company to attend the hearings.

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