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Chameleon Android launcher appears, pre-orderers and Kickstarter backers get beta access soon


After a false start to its Kickstarter funding, the Chameleon launcher project for Android is finally arriving -- at least in beta form. It's currently ready for install from Google Play by anyone with an Android tablet running 3.2 or higher, however to actually unlock the software you'll need to have your account authorized on its servers . For the moment that's restricted to a VIP list of early testers to bash on its core systems as well as the included HTML5 widgets. The beta for Kickstarter backers and pre-orderers will be staggered to let the company test its activation system, so if you haven't been switched on yet it shouldn't be too long of a wait. If you've hopped over the velvet rope, let us know how the new experience is running on your slate, those stuck on the outside looking in can catch a quick demo video embedded after the break, as well as hit the company's website to register for access and progress updates.

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