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Betawatch: July 28 - August 3, 2012


The War Z and Forge have joined Betawatch this week, the former with an alpha signup that garnered over 100,000 applicants in just a day. PlanetSide 2's beta was met with more delays and now aims to open up Monday, while Guild Wars 2 surprised everyone with an impromptu, four-hour stress test on Wednesday. Might we see another one before the game launches?

Players who've been waiting months for a chance to play Glitch will be happy to learn that the team is now letting new players trickle in. Pirate101 has also kicked off its closed beta. But if you're not into such cutesy fare, maybe you'll prefer Taikodom, which launched its closed beta today, or our recent hands-on with MechWarrior Online -- early access starts this coming Tuesday!

Finally, this weekend marks fresh beta events for City of Steam and End of Nations. The complete Betawatch roundup is just past the cut -- now with shiny subreddit links!

Open testing phase
Massively considers a game to be in open testing if it has open, public signups and plans for a server wipe before its official launch. Self-described "open beta" MMOs that have soft-launched with functioning real-money cash shops will not be listed.

KULTAN: The World Beyond (Bigpoint): Announcement, Signup
Remanum (Travian): Announcement, Signup, /r/
Soul Captor (Gamania): Announcement, Signup
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Online (CyberTime Systems): Announcement, Signup, /r/ (Russian-only)

Closed testing phase
We consider an MMO to be in closed testing if it features either future test signups or an ongoing semi-private beta/alpha that cannot immediately and freely be accessed by the general public. Some are restricted by NDAs.

Age of Wulin (gPotato): Announcement, Signup (Asia, EU)
ArcheAge (XL GAMES): Announcement, /r/ (CBT5 pending; Korean-only)
ArchlordX: The Chronicles (Webzen): Announcement, Signup
Born to Fire (Aeria): Announcement, Signup
Bounty Hounds Online
(Wicked Interactive): Announcement, Signup
City of Steam (Mechanist): Announcement, Signup, /r/
Dawntide (Working as Intended): Announcement, Signup, /r/ (development on hiatus)
Dota 2 (Valve): Announcement, Signup, /r/
Dragon Born (KoramGame): Announcement, Signup
Dragon Crusade (Aeria): Announcement, Signup
Dragon Knights (Aeria): Announcement, Signup
DUST 514
(CCP Games): Announcement, Signup, /r/
End of Nations (Trion): Announcement, Signup, /r/ (next beta event 8/3/2012)
Firefall (Red 5 Studios): Announcement, Signup, /r/
Forge (Dark Vale): Announcement, Signup
Glitch (Tiny Speck): Announcement, Signup, /r/ (back in beta)
Grecca (Banbox): Announcement, Signup (in "open" alpha)
Grimlands (gamigo): Announcement, Signup
Guild Wars 2 (ArenaNet): Announcement, /r/ (launching 8/28/2012)
Guns of Icarus (Muse Games): Announcement, Signup, /r/
Knight Age (Joymax): Announcement, Signup
Lime Odyssey
(Aeria Games): Announcement, Signup
Line of Defense (3000AD): Announcement, Signup
Living After War (Alaplaya): Announcement, Signup
LotRO: Riders of Rohan (Turbine): Announcement, Signup, /r/ (launching 9/5/2012)
Maestia (Gravity Interactive): Announcement, Signup
MechWarrior Online (Piranha): Announcement, Signup, /r/ (early access starts 8/7/2012)
Origins of Malu (Burning Dog): Announcement (beta coming 9/30/2012)
Otherland (gamigo): Announcement, Signup, /r/
Path of Exile
(Grinding Gear Games): Announcement, Signup, /r/ (open beta in August)
Pirate101 (KingsIsle): Announcement, Signup, /r/ (launching in 2012)
PlanetSide 2 (SOE): Announcement, Signup, /r/ (summer beta)
RaiderZ (PWE): Announcement, Signup, /r/ (closed beta 8/8/2012)
Renaissance Heroes (ChangYou): Announcement, Signup, /r/
RIFT: Storm Legion (Trion Worlds): Announcement, /r/
Salem (Paradox Interactive): Announcement, Signup, /r/
Sevencore (gPotato): Announcement, Signup (beta 8/9/2012)
SmashMuck Champions (Kis Studios): Announcement, Signup, /r/
SMITE (Hi-Rez): Announcement, Signup, /r/
Star Conflict (Star Gem): Announcement, Signup, /r/
Storybricks (Namaste): Announcement, Signup (in "open" alpha)
Taikodom (Gamersfirst): Announcement, Signup (closed beta in August)
Tamer Saga (PopAce): Announcement, Signup
The Missing Ink (RedBedlam): Announcement, Signup
The Mummy Online (Bigpoint): Announcement, Signup
The Repopulation (Above and Beyond): Announcement, Signup, /r/
The War Z (Hammerpoint): Announcement, Signup
Traveller AR (Ingz): Announcement, Signup (beta on hold)
UFO Online (gamigo): Announcement, Signup
Universal Monsters Online (Bigpoint): Announcement, Signup
Waren Story
(Aeria): Announcement, Signup
WindSlayer 2 (Ignited Games): Announcement (beta closed down until fall 2012)
World Alpha (World Alpha): Announcement, Signup
War Thunder (Gaijin): Announcement, Signup, /r/ (fka World of Planes)
WoW: Mists of Pandaria (Blizzard): Announcement, Signup (launching 9/25/2012)
World of Warplanes ( Announcement, Signup, /r/

Subreddit links helpfully provided by Steven Eyerman!

Betawatch is Massively's weekly report on the latest MMO alphas, betas, and other games still meandering toward an official launch. From ArcheAge to World of Warplanes, it's covered here, complete with sign-up links so that you too can perform the unpaid quality-control work otherwise known as game testing. Drop us a comment if we've missed one!

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