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Judge denies Apple's request for dismissal after Samsung evidence leak


Judge Lucy Koh denied Apple's request for a judgment that would hand the company a victory in its patent infringement case with Samsung, according to Electronista. Apple made the request after Samsung deliberately defied Judge Koh's order by releasing excluded documents to the media. These documents suggest Apple copied Sony when it designed the iPhone. Despite repeated attempts by Samsung to include these documents in the trial, they were excluded because Samsung produced them too late in the proceedings.

Samsung lawyer John Quinn defended the company's decision to release the documents by saying Samsung was acting in accordance with the Court's view that the "...workings of litigation must be open to public view." Quinn adds that Samsung only provided these documents when journalists requested them and that it "was not motivated by or designed to influence jurors."

Apple said in its motion that Samsung "apparently believes that it is above the law, and that it-not this Court-should decide what evidence the jury should see." Apple adds that Samsung "engaged in bad faith litigation misconduct by attempting to prejudice the jury."

Koh may have denied Apple an early win, but she did not rule out the possibility of other sanctions against Samsung. The trial will resume as expected on Friday afternoon.

[Via Ars Technica]

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