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Klipsch quietly teases new in-ear headphone lineup: S4 (II) series, X7i set to arrive this month

Joe Pollicino

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Leave it to Klipsch to surprise us with new gear for our ears when we least expect it. Within the last day or so, the company quietly pushed a "coming soon" page live on its website chock full of new in-ear headphones. To start, the S4 series is getting a complete refresh across the lineup and taking up the (II) moniker -- namely, the $80 S4 (II), and the $100 S4i (II) and S4a (II), which respectively feature an inline remote / mic for iOS and Android devices. While the trio of intra-aurals look largely similar to their ear-pleasing predecessors, Klipsch has graced them with flat cables to kill the tangled-cord issues we've experienced.

Better yet, it's also showcasing the $200 X7i (seen middle), a curvaceous set of balanced armature-loaded ceramic 'bubs, equipped with an iOS-compatible remote / mic. The S7i essentially fills the "mid-range" gap in price from the S4i to the $350 X10i. Detailed specs for all the sets aren't anywhere to be seen currently We'll be sure to get some impressions at Klipsch's NYC event next week, but for now, you can rest assured knowing that you'll have a choice of black or white for everything except the S4a (II) -- and that it's all already up for pre-order at the source link below.

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