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Google updates PageSpeed Service so you don't waste precious seconds waiting for pages to load

Zach Honig

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Last year, Google launched its PageSpeed Service, aiming to improve our experience across the web while reportedly deferring its own financial interests. The concept was sound -- similar services like Akamai work to accelerate web browsing by caching pages in much the same way -- but there's always room for improvement. The latest PageSpeed beta uses some straightforward techniques to improve performance even further, using a new rewriter called "Cache and Prioritize Visible Content." Using this new tool, your browser will load content that appears "above the fold" before fetching text and photos that would be initially hidden on the page, while also prioritizing other content ahead of Javascript, which often isn't needed as quickly as more basic elements. Finally, for pages that contain HTML that isn't cacheable, such as when personalized info is returned, standard portions of the site are cached and displayed immediately, while other content loads normally. The new tool isn't a perfect fit for every webpage, but we'll take a boost wherever we can get it.

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