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ArcheAge CBT5 emphasizes use of the sea with new features

MJ Guthrie

From Kraken hunts to deck-side skirmishes, previously released videos have shown that combat on (and under) the high seas is a given in the upcoming sandbox ArcheAge. At this year's Chinajoy convention, XLGAMES revealed that the seas will play an even bigger role than just a pirate's playground; resources acquired from the sea will be an important part of the game. Players will be exposed to PvE and PvP battles organically while trying to gain control of these resources and battleships will become more vital. And players who prefer a life at sea can forgo living on the mainland as aqua farms and houses at sea can be built in a designated area.

XLGAMES announced the addition of specific Chinese content as well, including Chinese-style castles and medium-sized homes. The studio also announced a new reinforcement feature for siege warfare but didn't release details. Players will be able to try the system out for themselves during the fifth Korean closed beta next week. As always, we will keep you updated with more details as they surface!

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