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Darksiders 2 New Game+ and arena mode 'The Crucible' revealed

Xav de Matos, @Xav

"Continue your life after death," THQ has promised, with the reveal of an arena mode in Darksiders 2 from developer Vigil Games. Dubbed 'The Crucible' in the game, the mode pits the lovable goofball Death against wave after wave of incorrigible baddies.

After wrapping up five waves, players can take a prize or continue to fight for an additional five. The greater the wave, the greater the prize until the mode reaches its 100-wave ceiling. "Only the most skilled players will have what it takes to conquer all 100 waves and claim the greatest prizes," a THQ press release says, challenging our video game skills.

Your summer of Death-based fun doesn't end there, though, as Darksiders 2 will also feature a New Game+ mode, where players will retain all skills and equipment for subsequent playthroughs. See, death is a giver and a taker.

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