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End of Nations outlines Heroes and Mercenaries in a new video

Eliot Lefebvre

End of Nations has a large number of units, and each of them has a relatively fixed role. You know at a glance what any given unit is meant to do and how it works with other units in the game. And then there are hero units, which are specifically meant to throw that balance off. Heroes possess multiple special abilities, generally ones that synergize well with other units, allowing you to pull out an unexpected set of abilities on an unsuspecting opponent.

Some Heroes are willing to work for any side in a conflict, and these Mercenaries are arguably even more powerful. When you hire a company of Mercenaries, you acquire both a Hero unit and several sidekick units specifically tuned to complement the Hero's abilities. That means a full strike force tuned for maximum impact, one that might enable a strategy not normally available to your faction. Jump on past the break for the full video explaining Heroes and showing these powerful units in action.

[Source: Trion Worlds press release]

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