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Magicka says 'WOOT' with new Olympics-themed DLC pack


Some new content for use in Magicka's Challenge and Versus mode is set to debut tomorrow, and takes a cue from the ongoing Olympic games taking place in London right now – well, kinda. The Olympics doesn't try to kill its competitors, after all.

Magicka's WOOT Tournament DLC features four new PVP maps, three new challenge maps and a host of new items and magic spells for competing wizards. These items and spells include the Musketball Dunker – a gun that fires a volley of explosives – and the ever-important Wave maneuver, a mainstay at any sporting event.

Tomorrow's content dump will be free to all Magicka players. In the meanwhile, we've got some screens courtesy of Paradox to help pass the time, available in our gallery below.

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