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Not So Massively: Cash prizes, tournaments, and hero spotlights


For those with the skills to enter competitive gaming tournaments, there are huge cash prizes to be won. The Major League Gaming League of Legends summer tournament ended this week with $10,000 US going to Azubu Blaze, and Moscow 5 narrowly beat bitter rival to win the $15,000 US top prize in the ECC Poland tournament. Dota 2 continued to update its in-game tournament access and spectator modes in preparation for upcoming major tournaments.

Firefall announced a massive €10,000 EU beta tournament due to take place this month live at Gamescom 2012. If you aren't the competitive gaming type, you might be interested in Blacklight: Retribution's 30 Days of Fight event that lets players win raffle tickets for daily prizes of $1,000 for an entire month.

Console MOBA Guardians of Middle-earth revealed its new champions this week, support mage Galadriel and tanky warrior Uglúk from Lord of the Rings lore. Heroes of Newerth showed off its new melee strength hero Rally, and SMITE revealed Egyptian god Anhur, Slayer of Enemies. Finally, Diablo III released a hotfix to address the rubber-banding problems that have been affecting players recently, and an odd bug has surfaced that could potentially be duplicating items.

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Major League Gaming's summer League of Legends tournament finished this week, with Azubu Blaze beating Team SoloMid in the final to claim the $10,000 US prize. Korean newcomer Azubu Blaze decimated its opponents throughout the tournament, winning all six of its qualifying matches and achieving some impressive stats. This was the first time that a Korean team entered the tournament against North American giants Team SoloMid and Team Curse, and hopefully it won't be the last.

The ECC Poland tournament saw a similarly tense final this week, with European powerhouse Moscow 5 taking down bitter rival to win the top prize of $15,000 US. rode its path to the final through close matches with SK Gaming and its second place win secures a place in the world championships. This marks Moscow 5's third major tournament victory of the year and furthers the team's legendary rivalry with

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With major tournaments on the way, Dota 2 continued to update its tournament and spectator systems this week. MOBAs are already big spectator sport around the world, and Valve is hoping to capitalise on that with premium tournament access via the game client.

Firefall title image
If you're planning to go to Gamescom 2012 this month in Cologne, Germany, be sure to drop by Europe's first ever Firefall beta tournament. Tournament registration and qualifiers will take place on Thursday, August 16th, and Friday, August 17th, at the ESL Arena, with finals scheduled for Saturday the 18th. The final will take place live on stage with a full room of spectators and live streaming as competitors battle it out for a shot at the massive €10,000 EU grand prize.

Blacklight: Retribution title image
Free-to-play shooter Blacklight: Retribution announced its colossal 30 Days of Fight contest this week; it gives players a chance to win huge cash prizes by slaughtering each other on the battlefield. Scheduled to begin on Thursday the 16th of August and lasting for an entire month, the event rewards players with fight tickets for participating in online matches and awards them a bonus ticket for winning. The tickets are used as entries in a raffle, and every day during the event one lucky player will win a $1,000 prize. Your tickets are reset each day, so to have a chance of winning a prize, you'll have to play every day during the coming month.

Zombie Studios continues to update Blacklight: Retribution every month with new items, unlocks, weapons, and game modes. This week the team revealed its new Siege game mode, in which two teams fight over an advancing Scorpion tank. One team pilots and escorts the tank as it marches toward its objective while the other tries to stop it by any means necessary. The enemy team isn't all that stands in the tank's way; locked doors and defensive blockades will force the attacking team to work together and give the defender a necessary edge. Heavy weapons like artillery and hardsuits can temporarily incapacitate the Scorpion tank and stop it from reaching its objective.

Diablo III title image
Blizzard deployed a hotfix this week to address recent rubber-banding issues that have been affecting Diablo III players and getting hardcore characters killed. During its second quarter conference call with investors, Activision Blizzard revealed that over 10 million copies of Diablo III have sold worldwide, including the 1.2 million free copies given out as part of the World of Warcraft annual pass programme. The lack of endgame content was highlighted as a priority that Blizzard will be focusing on in the near future. World of Warcraft-style character profiles might also be on the way for Diablo III, according to an image released on official Diablo III Facebook and Twitter pages.

Surfacing this week are reports of a mysterious bug that causes the game to inadvertently roll the exact same item multiple times within a game. The chance of rolling two duplicate rare items with the exact same name and stats is astronomical unless a single random seed is used for the entire item roll, leading some players to suspect there might be bugs in the item generation code. Other rumours suggest that the items were produced by an as-yet unknown duplication method or that the cases of duplicate items are fake.

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Upcoming console MOBA Guardians of Middle-earth released a new Battle Profile this week featuring Galadriel and Uglúk, two memorable characters from Lord of the Rings lore. Galadriel is a supportive mage with an area-effect heal and a spell that pulls in enemies, while Uglúk is a tanky warrior with a single-target root ability and a damage-dealing charge.

Heroes of Newerth title image
Heroes of Newerth revealed its new champion, Rally, this week; he's a melee strength hero with a mix of supportive and offensive abilities. Compel launches the target ally in the chosen direction just like a Tablet of Command, but it also damages and stuns enemies hit by the launched ally. Useful when you're chasing down enemy heroes, Demoralizing Roar applies a huge area-effect slow that gradually decreases over three seconds.

Battle Experience grants Rally passive bonus damage and allows him to ignore a percentage of his enemy's armour, letting his basic attack damage scale up faster than other heroes. Rally's ultimate, Seismic Slam, charges up for one second and then deals massive physical damage in a small cone area. Battle Experience's armour penetration also works on the physical damage from Seismic Slam, scaling its damage up by a huge percentage. When paired with heroes who can pull enemies in toward a point, this ability has the potential to completely turn around a teamfight.

Smite title image
Hi-Rez Studios this week revealed its latest SMITE hero, Egyptian god of war Anhur, Slayer of Enemies. Anhur's passive ability causes every spear attack to reduce the enemy target's basic attack damage by 20% for three seconds. Shifting Sands lets Anhur summon from the ground an obelisk that slows nearby enemies with a swirling vortex of sand. With his Impale ability, Anhur throws his spear in the chosen direction, knocking back the first player hit and impaling him to a nearby wall.

For added mobility, Anhur can leap at enemies with his Disperse ability and knock them back a considerable distance. To snipe enemies near death, he can use his ultimate ability, Desert Fury, which fires multiple ethereal spears that pass through all objects and walls. To see Anhur and his abilities in action, check out his official SMITE god reveal video below.

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