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Riot investing heavily in e-sports, creating new LoL-focused pro league

Jef Reahard

It's pretty obvious that League of Legends is a bona fide phenomenon at this point. What many gamers may not have known, though, is just how big Riot's free-to-play behemoth has become.

The company has just unveiled a new level-up initiative that aims to take the entire e-sports scene up a few notches via the creation of a new LoL-focused pro league. The league will feature salaried teams from multiple countries, regular streamed matches with television-quality production values, and what Riot calls "the largest, most ambitious investment in e-sports ever made by a video game developer."

The format for the new league mirrors traditional sporting leagues by way of regular season matches followed by regional playoffs and a world championship. You can see a trailer for the new league after the cut.

[Source: Riot press release]

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