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Scourge: Outbreak due in a 'couple' months on PSN, XBLA, Mac


A PlayStation Blog post provides us more representative images from Tragnarion's upcoming downloadable shooter Scourge: Outbreak, showing what appears to be actual gameplay beyond the environments and corpses originally shown.

Lead game designer Omar Salleh also provided additional detail about the unique storytelling mechanic, which presents a different aspect of the narrative through each playable character's flashbacks. "These memories are designed to fit together as a kind of jig-saw puzzle," he said, "so the best way to get the full picture is to discuss them with your buddies. Some show dubious details about yourself, while others cast doubt on your squad-mates. Who's the real enemy? What's going on? What did you see?"

Scourge: Outbreak is due to launch "in a couple of months' time," as a PS3 download, as well as on XBLA and Mac.

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