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SOE defends EverQuest appearance system cost


If you've been a heady mix of excited and confused over EverQuest's upcoming Hero's Forge appearance system, then it's time to take confusion out of the equation. SOE's posted a nine-point FAQ on the system, explaining its various features and specifics.

The Hero's Forge will not be free but instead purchased for each character you'd like to dress up. SOE defended this separate cost by stating that "because of the very intensive nature of developing features such as Hero's Forge, by selling this feature in the Marketplace [SOE] can make it immediately available to players who desire such content much more quickly and without tying it to an expansion."

The studio says that there are over 10,000 items created for this system and that even those who don't buy the system can benefit by selling pieces they find or make. SOE has plans to expand the Hero's Forge in the future, including the possible addition of wizard hats and holiday-related outfits.

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