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Wings Over Atreia: Three signs you've crossed that line

MJ Guthrie

We know it's there. That line. The one that separates folks who have a clue and those who may need to rent one for a while. In Aion, as in life, many people see the line and tactfully veer away from it. Others might stumble across it occasionally (perhaps after being tripped by rambunctious friends?). Some, however... well, some are why we have a topic for today. Some choose to pole vault over the line and keep on going, much to all of our detriment.

Let's face it -- despite growing popularity and our hobby's movement farther into the mainstream, there are still plenty of negative stereotypes surrounding gaming and the people who enjoy it. If our favorite hobby already has a bad rap, we certainly don't need to add to it! So showing a bit of common sense, decorum, and class as a community is actually pretty important, especially with the influx of new players since Aion went free-to-play. After all, we want those people to enjoy and stay in the game!

After witnessing a few situations in-game lately demonstrating an utter lack of class, I wondered whether perhaps folks just haven't had a chance to obtain wise counsel in regard to their behaviors. So today, Wings Over Atreia is proud to debut "Dear MJ," the new column designed to dispense invaluable -- though not necessarily solicited -- advice aimed at bettering our Atreian community.

Aion screenshot

Dear MJ,

I had the most terrible situation happen. It was unfathomable... vile... hideous! I was done a terrible wrong by someone.
Oh, the humanity! I can't even bear to share the awful details; the pain is too deep. I tried to let everyone know about this gross infraction and warn my friends about those evil deeds! For their own protection, I shouted it out in the LFG, region, and class channels every two minutes for at least half the day. I made sure to CAPS LOCK the entire thing so no one would miss it. So why is the evil-doer not being burned at the stake? And why are people yelling at me?

Baffled in Atreia

Dear Baffled,

I think I can see the problem here. Unfortunately, the problem is not the injustice against you; the problem is you. I could explain ins and outs of memories and all, but the basic fact is this: The only person who ends up sticking in the public's memory for immature behavior is the one who whines incessantly and belabors the point, not the actual transgressor. Yes, you may have been wronged and the perpetrator might be a total jerk, but no one will remember that after listening to you moan about the injustice for a few hours. In fact, people might even end up siding with the perpetrator if you annoy them enough.

If you feel you must enlighten the public about someone's wrongdoing (in the interest of public safety, of course), feel free to do so. But please, for your own reputation, limit that to once or twice. Then if people have questions, talk to them privately. Of course, if it is a legitimate violation of the ToS, report it to NCsoft. Just not repeatedly to everyone else.

Aion screenshotThe Sound of Silence

Dear MJ,

I met an awesome person, MissDeavaWings, and I really dig her. We are completely perfect for each other if I do say so myself. I totally support quality time together -- I try to join all of her groups! When she mentioned living on the West Coast, I told her how that I would be close to there and would stop to visit her. I also make sure to show interest in her life, so I asked her where she worked and to tell me all about it. But she seems to be the quiet type lately. I can't get her to open up more. Is she just playing hard to get?

Perplexed by Silence

Dear Perplexed,

Let me make it very clear for you what you can't seem to hear echoing in the silence: Back off! She's not playing hard-to-get; she's playing impossible-to-get. She's quiet because she's not interested in telling you! (That, and she might be readying her can of pepper spray.) Here's your hint: If you aren't even on a first name basis, what makes you think she wants to share other intimate details about her life with you? Think back -- other than just speaking to you, assuming she even did that, has this Deava of your dreams actually expressed genuine interest in you? And don't pull a Zaboo and read something into an emote wink shared in legion chat.

Here's a bonus bit of advice: Don't just invite yourself to visit. Those "Oh, I just happen to be heading there" comments are not really suave; they are mostly creepy. And above all, do not ever, ever use nefarious means to figure out where she lives and show up on her doorstep.

Aion screenshot
Aion is for Aion

Dear MJ,

I feel like I entered some kind of Atreian Twilight Zone!
I was looking to join a good group of folks to help make my experience in Aion even better, so I've been checking out these guilds that keep advertising. However, I've come to discover that many of the guilds are only for some other game. They even scoffed when I said I wasn't switching. Call me old-fashioned, but if I wanted to play there, I'd be there. The fact is, I am logged into Aion because that's what I want to play. So what gives?

Daeva Pride

Dear Daeva,

I wish I could help you there. I would have assumed that guilds wanting to recruit for a specific game would congregate and advertise in a place where folks actually playing that particular game would hang out. Like that game. Or its forums. You'd think they'd get more responses there, no? Well, so much for logic.

While advertising for a different game inside another game isn't a major issue or even wrong in terms of any rule, it still shows a lack of consideration for the people who are playing. It smacks of arrogance -- just because you are interested in moving to another game doesn't mean everyone else feels the same. I am not advocating that all chatter must be in-character and relevant to the world of Atreia, but let the folks who are playing Aion enjoy Aion. Build the community; don't advertise wanting to break it apart!

That's all for this week, folks. If you have any burning Aion etiquette questions or just want some tidbits of advice, be sure to write in! Your mail might even be featured in an upcoming column. And until then, remember that class and consideration taste great and are less filling, so spread them on thick!

Soaring through the Aionosphere, MJ Guthrie touches down weekly to bring you Wings Over Atreia. Featuring tips, guides, and general snippets of life in Aion, the column is better than Tutty-on-a-stick, ackackackackackack! Have a suggestion to share? No need to bribe a Shugo -- just send mail to

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