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appBlaster 2.0 gets friendly with Android handsets, brings new AR features


We're not sure how many members of the Google army asked for it, but the second-gen, Android-friendly appBlaster's now being delivered to all peripheral buffs. Obviously, one of the biggest improvements in v2.0 of the apptoyz accessory is its much welcomed compatibility with something other than iDevices via a new universal cage -- that said, there's also other fresh augmented reality features which, in theory, should make it a vast improvement over its predecessor. The appBlaster 2.0's only seen a slight price bump in comparison to the first-gen, with RED5 asking for £25 (around $40) for the add-on -- a small amount to pay when you consider all the attention you're going to get. And, well, we know you love that.

Show full PR text Launches The New Generation of appBlaster

... And this time the aliens know where to hide...

Monday 6th August, 2012 - London, UK:, the ultimate gadget shop, is today launching the appBlaster v.2 to market. With a complete re-design, the appBlaster v.2 now houses iPods, iPhones and Android phones while the updated free augmented reality app sees the alien swarm appear from within the objects in the room.

When your smartphone is docked with the new app, it transforms into an augmented reality gaming machine with cross hair and game data on view. Utilising the accelerometer of your smartphone the appBlaster v.2 app allows the game to rotate, and moves as you do. The result is immersive game play that requires quick reactions and frantic firing as aliens emerge from the walls, ceiling, floor or random objects at every angle imaginable.
To play the game you must defend your location against swarms of aliens, using an assortment of guns and missiles. When you're running low on ammo, reload by quickly cocking the gun by pointing it at the ceiling, and then take aim. Fancy a new weapon or feeling battle weary? Keep your eyes peeled for special weapons and power ups which can be collected throughout the mission.

The appBlaster v.2 is lightweight and the shoulder stock can be removed to give you a shorter device depending on your preference. With two triggers; the rear trigger fires the lasers, whilst the front trigger is for firing missiles.

Never before has the quote "they're coming out of the goddamn walls!" been so apt!

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