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Lumines Electronic Symphony asks you to spam Ubisoft for classic DLC


Q Entertainment, the developer of the Lumines franchise, would love to launch a DLC pack including an HD remake of the classic PSP level "Shinin'" for Vita's Lumines Electronic Symphony. Ubisoft, however, controls Electronic Symphony's content – so Q Entertainment is asking fans to tell the publisher they want some DLC. This is what your mom was talking about when she said the "good" kind of peer pressure.

"Who wants some DLC?" Q Entertainment writes on the Electronic Symphony Facebook wall. "To be clear: This is not something that's planned at the moment, but if enough people say 'yeah!' maybe Electronic Symphony's publisher, Ubisoft, will greenlight a high-def Vitafied recreation of 'Shinin''? Dare to dream."

Almost 100 people have said they "Like" the idea of Vita DLC, and others have added variations of "Yeah!" to the post's comments. Q Entertainment knows we can't all get what we want – unless we all want it, that is.

[Thanks, Mike J.]

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