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Massively's video impressions of RaiderZ


Do you enjoy getting your face smashed in by an oversized pillar-wielding colossus? How about being swallowed whole and regurgitated by a gigantic frog? Does the idea of getting pulverized between the metal mitts of a robotic construct get you excited? If you answered "Yes!" to any of these questions, then you'll want to take a look at upcoming free-to-play MMO RaiderZ.

Fighting big, bad boss monsters is the focus of this action-oriented game. North American publisher Perfect World Entertainment urges players to "hunt together or die alone." You'll need to time attacks and dodges to avoid getting smashed to smithereens by the denizens of Rendel. To aid you in your quest, you'll form hunting parties with 15 of your closest friends in order to slay the toughest monsters RaiderZ has to offer. If you're victorious, you can gather up bits of flesh and bone to craft new and more powerful weapons.

Massively recently had the chance to adventure through RaiderZ's closed beta test, and we brought back a detailed video of our impressions of the game so far. We cover the core concepts of combat, skill progression, questing, and crafting in order to illustrate what this MMO is all about. It's just past the break!

Massively's not big on scored reviews -- what use are those to ever-changing MMOs? That's why we bring you first impressions, previews, hands-on experiences, and even follow-up impressions for nearly every game we stumble across. First impressions count for a lot, but games evolve, so why shouldn't our opinions?

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