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Where in Warcraft: Blown Away


Well, dear readers, I thought last week's one was pretty darn impossible. I thought I was going to have to come back in and post clues and the like, but yet again you've surpassed yourselves. I was really, really happy to see the elation in the post from the person who got it right when they did eventually find it!

I've been and checked out the two locations that were discussed. The image is so nearly exactly the same in both, but I'm tipping my hat to TimothySeltman, who correctly identified the picture in Pinewood Village. If nobody had figured it out, I would have accepted Surwich in the very south of the Blasted Lands as an Alliance-friendly location, but big congratulations to you, TimothySeltman! He even put up his own picture; I'm very impressed indeed with his dedication. Bravo! I'd love to demand you all do the same, but I think that would be a bit excessive.

This week's contribution is, I promise, very much hidden in plain sight for you all to find. I've only managed to locate one of these, so if there are others, I do apologize. It's courtesy of Gazell from Rexxar (A); thanks very much indeed for sending it in!

As always, I have to be able to find my way to the location via your description. Coordinates are good, as are detailed directions. As ever, your guesses have to be in a new comment to be counted, not in a reply (or it's impossible for me to tell which came first). Good luck -- not that you'll need it!

There's so much in Azeroth (and Outland!) just waiting to be found. Tip us off. If you've found a fabulously quirky landmark, hidden treasure, or special hideaway somewhere in Warcraft, drop me a line at with your screenshot. You could be featured in a future edition of Where in Warcraft!

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