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GameStop Mobile will not be an MVNO; company still testing sales of prepaid SIMs from other carriers

Darren Murph

In a recent interview with us, GameStop CEO Paul Raines confirmed that GameStop Mobile -- an entity that appeared to be on the brink of selling prepaid GSM SIM cards to GameStop patrons -- is nothing more than "a mockup." If you'll recall, an entire website launched back in May showcasing what appeared to be GameStop's portal for hawking SIM cards that relied on AT&T's network to provide service. At the time, the collective held its breath awaiting a confirmation of truth -- after all, it's not exactly easy to pry a data-only SIM out of AT&T's hands, particularly one that's free of a contract. Sadly, the CEO informed us that it was "just a creative thing," noting that it "wasn't even an idea being pitched." Continuing, Raines stated:

"We don't have an MVNO (laughing). If you are trying to provide your customers with a bundle that comes with a pre-owned phone and will allow them to play games, make calls, and everything else -- you don't have to have a network to do that; you can sell SIM cards and pre-paid plans, those things exist, and we are in the process of testing several to see which ones makes sense."

Of course, accidentally publishing an entire website dedicated to the idea seems a bit crazy for something that wasn't even being pitched -- what kind of designer has that much free time? -- but at least the story has an ending for now. "For now," we say, because the aforementioned pitch could finally happen now that AT&T's Mobile Share plans are debuting this month.

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