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NCsoft weathers $6M loss in Q2


NCsoft may have more banking on Guild Wars 2 than once thought. The mega-publisher announced that its second quarter earnings were lower than expected; it posted a $6 million loss for the period.

Revenues were down 12% from last year to $130 million, of which a vast majority came from NCsoft's online titles. The company stated that it dipped into the red due to rising labor costs, an increased marketing budget for Blade & Soul's Korean launch, and the acquisition of Ntreev. Aion was also blamed for the company's financial woes, as revenues in that title sharply decreased due to fewer microtransaction sales.

Both Lineage titles composed a great share of the company's revenues, with the first game producing 45% of sales and the sequel 13%.

NCsoft said that it is banking on Guild Wars 2 to produce a profitable third quarter, however.

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