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TERA publisher En Masse hit with layoffs [Updated]

Jef Reahard

En Masse Entertainment community manager Evan "Scapes" Berman has tweeted that layoffs are underway at the publisher responsible for bringing TERA to the western market.

"Layoffs have occurred at En Masse. I was hit," Berman wrote.

TERA launched on May 1st in North America and May 3rd in Europe after an extensive "westernization" development cycle that tweaked the native Korean client. Massively has contacted En Masse for an official statement and we'll keep you posted as this story develops.

[Update: En Masse has responded to our comment request with a statement from publishing vice president Chris Lee. We've placed the statement behind the break.]

"Today, we had to let go of some of the great talent at En Masse Entertainment. While a tough decision, it was necessary as we prepare for the next chapter of our business. TERA has been a great launch for us, and we are committed to our loyal players. We're taking measures to align the needs of our business to continue supporting TERA and preparing for our future. We are working with those affected by this transition, including offering assistance on new prospects within the industry/area. If there are companies who are looking for talented people with publishing experience, please send an email with the details to"

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