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Twilight Princess' Ganondorf is First 4 Figures' next expensive piece


First 4 Figures is notorious for making things we want to own, but are unable to afford. Even running a successful video game website our mom once called "a website" hardly means we can afford such lavish statues. Statues like the Wolf Link and Midna combo, this Metroid Prime gunship and Super Sonic. Today, we add another to the list: Ganondorf.

The company's latest figure features Ganondorf's Twilight Princess form – well, one of his Twilight Princess forms anyway. If that's considered too spoilery in your book, then you probably don't want to click through the source link below. First 4 Figures basically recounts the whole ending of the game.

Anyway, this 1/4 scale, 23-inch piece is set to launch early next year for $479.99, and you're free to pre-order right now. This Ganon also comes with two inter-changeable heads, one depicting the stoic look above, another a maniacal, laughing Ganon that'd probably just judge you for greedily spending so much money on yourself so let's just leave that one in the box, okay?

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