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Verizon reveals 20 GB shared data plan


Remember Verizon's announcement of the Share Everything plans earlier this summer? The company has now revealed five additional tiers of data capacity that aren't posted on the Verizon website but can be purchased through arrangement with customer service personnel.

As with the rest of the features of the Share Everything data plans, the 20 GB data bucket can be shared among 10 mobile devices. Verizon spokesman Brenda Raney noted that most of the company's customers use less than 2 GB of data per month. However, it's possible to top that amount easily just by downloading one high-definition full-length movie, and if several people on your Share Everything plan like watching movies, you can blow through 20 GB very quickly.

So, how much is all of this data going to cost you? The 20 GB shared data plan costs $150 per month, which is $50 less per month for the same amount than AT&T's upcoming Mobile Share plans. You can also pick 12 GB for $110 per month, 14 GB for $120 per month, 16 GB for $130 per month, or 18 GB for $140 per month.

The shared plans charge a set monthly fee for each device, then add the shared data bucket on top of that monthly cost.

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