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Archy beta brings panache to Google Drive


If you use Google Drive and want a lightweight Mac client to view and manage your Drive files, then you should check out Archy. Archy sits in your menu bar or dock and gives you one-click access to all your documents stored in Google Drive. From the app, you can easily preview your files, organize them into folders and download them to your hard drive.

Archy also lets you see the current sharing options for files and allows you to share documents with other people from within the app. If you want to edit a document, Archy will open it in Google Drive using your web browser by default. You can also choose an app to open a Google Doc file, which is useful for users who have the iWork apps or Microsoft Office installed.

Archy's strength is its simple and elegant interface, which makes it easy for you to glance at a Google Drive file without logging into your Google account. [It's bound to look familiar to anyone who uses the Twitter app for the Mac, for instance. –Ed.] Its features are similar to Google's Drive app for the Mac, but Archy is less intrusive because it works off your online Drive directory and doesn't place a folder on your hard drive.

Archy is currently in the beta phase and available for the public to download from the Archy website. Because it's a beta, there are a few areas that need some polishing, but the overall experience is particularly good. If you're a Google Drive user, you should give it a whirl.

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