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Eden Eternal expansion Shadows of the Past introduces new class

MJ Guthrie

A new age begins in Eden Eternal as the game's new expansion, Shadows of the Past, launches with tons of new content tying the past to the present. Players will find three new maps, four new dungeons, and a new Sage class on top of the additional lore and a raised level cap (70) when they log in to the free-to-play fantasy game.

In an interesting twist, those wishing to play this new class cannot just choose it; they must undergo a series of trials in order to unlock it for play. These trials allow player to experience the saga of the lost Sage in a bygone age firsthand. Producer Andy Muesse states, "This is the first time that the lore has had something tied to the world's past, a compelling story of the corruption of the Zumi race and why there are no Sages anymore."

[Source: Aeria Games press release]

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