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Verizon's Galaxy S III gets global roaming workaround, packs its bags


What's the point of owning Samsung's shiny new flagship if you can't take it on tour? Well, prior to Verizon's Galaxy S III launch, customers were promised that global roaming would be enabled sometime in the future via an OTA update. That unspecified date has yet to come, but if it's something of a priority for you, XDA Developers forum member lair12 has discovered a way make it happen without Big Red's involvement. We feel we should add a warning here -- switching from LTE to GSM isn't a simple process and goes far beyond a basic rooting (which, of course, is required). It includes a fair amount of preparation, including manually adding GSM network identifiers, and several steps to switch allegiances once abroad. But if you're a jet-setting Android tinkerer interested in giving it a go (at your own peril), the step-by-step guide is just a source link away.

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