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Westfield app updated, now with Concierge Voice Control


The official Westfield mall app (if you're in America, there's probably a Westfield mall near you -- near me in LA, there's like eight of them) has been updated, and for a mall app, it's pretty powerful. In addition to maps and directories of all of the Westfield Malls around, there's now features included like turn-by-turn directions in the mall, search not only of stores but also of products, dining, and events, and even OpenTable and integration, so you can make reservations or buy movie tickets from right inside the app.

There's also a new feature called Concierge Voice Control, which is essentially a Siri for the mall, and can give you stores, directions, hours, or anything else just through voice control. That's impressive -- it's a little more than you'd expect from just a shopping application, but it's pretty nice.

The app is of course free. Version 2.0 is the one with all the shiny updates, so if you're planning to head to a Westfield mall soon, might be worth grabbing on your way out.

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