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A World of Keflings now a world of Avatar Famestar rewards


The second game to see new Avatar tie-in content from the "Avatar FameStar" program is NinjaBee's A World of Keflings, which was just updated to support FameStar today. The new update adds more than just Avatar bonuses for in-game accomplishments, including what NinjaBee calls "a full year's-worth of free weekly quests, a new kingdom to build in and more."

The new kingdom is a "sandbox" environment in which players can build whatever they want – including ships to sail and explore the waterways. Also present in this new kingdom is the "Rockstar Kefling" who dispenses each week's new quest.

In other weird, time-delayed updates, today's Keflings additions include a patch to unlock a "unique Twisted Pixel emote" for players who have earned a specific achievement in Comic Jumper. What a strangely busy week for XBLA games from 2010.

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