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Breakfast Topic: What's the one in-game task you'd love an addon for?


We've all had tasks in game that we feel at the back of our minds might be more like chores than gameplay -- things that seem a little too tricky, a little too tiresome, something that's a time sink. Not actual gameplay itself, perhaps, but maybe things like using the WoW in-game mail system, or the auction house, or things like that.

And maybe some of us have thought, at some point, "Hey, I wonder if there's an addon for that?" I know that when I was first learning to heal with my new main, a restoration shaman, for example, I found myself ardently wishing there were a better way to display my stacks of Tidal Waves -- the buff you really ought to try and maintain uptime on when healing. So eventually I went online, searched something like "show Tidal Waves buff better shaman," and lo and behold, there was Weak Auras.

I'm aware now that Power Auras is a viable alternative and that there are various other addons that allow you to display buffs and debuffs in myriad different ways, but I begin to wonder what I'm missing in other life-improving addons. So, as ever when I have a burning question, I'm asking you.

What in-game tasks do you wish you had an addon for? Maybe raiding things, maybe not. Maybe PvP things, maybe using the auction house, maybe roleplaying, maybe just general quality of life. And what addons have you found that make your life easier in a big way or a little way?

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