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Man sells life on eBay for $3.5 million, includes chain of gaming stores

Jordan Mallory

Shane Butcher, the owner and proprietor of the R.U. GAME? chain of stores in Florida, has decided to sell his entire life on eBay. The listing includes his house and condo (along with everything inside), three cars, three kayaks, his personal rare game collection, and all three R.U. GAME? locations. Butcher's entire "American Dream" can be yours, all for one low payment of $3.5 million.

All merchandise/inventory associated with the retail outlets are included in the purchase price, and all employees "have agreed to give 110% in helping the new owners with the transition," according to the eBay listing. Butcher will hang around as a consultant for six months to ease the transition of ownership, as well as make a year's worth of lease payments in advance for all three locations.

A full year of Home Owners Association fees for both residential properties will also be covered, but what we're most impressed with is the fact that Butcher's life bundle includes Panzer Dragoon Saga and a MIB Neo Geo, both of which would probably go for a pretty penny in their own eBay auction.

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