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Bringing PC Awesomenauts characters to console is up to publisher, says Ronimo


After announcing a new character for the PC version of Awesomenauts almost immediately after launch, we asked developer Ronimo Games if the console versions would receive the character as well. "We're all for it and ready to do it," Ronimo's Jasper Koning tells Joystiq, "but it's up to the publisher of the console version, DTP." He added that the developer has "no concrete plans right now, but we're very hopeful."

The cost-prohibitive nature of updates on consoles – the Xbox 360 in particular – has been well publicized, especially given the recent drama surrounding Fez' latest patch, which has the potential to corrupt save files and which developer Polytron will never fix.

Also, while Ronimo is hopeful that the new character, Gnaw, will hit the console versions of Awesomenauts, history paints a grim picture of the possibility. Both Monday Night Combat and Dungeon Defenders, for example, have seen numerous updates and pieces of downloadable content on PC, while the PSN and XBLA versions have seen few updates, if any.

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