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Level-5 trademarks names from 3DS 'Guild01' collection in US


Guild01 is a collection of four games on one 3DS cartridge, featuring talent like Suda 51 and Seaman/SimTower creator Yoot Saito. So far, it was only released in Japan, but two new trademarks registered by publisher Level-5 indicate potential for a US release.

"Liberation Maiden" and "Crimson Shroud" refer to two games within the 3DS collection, one a shooter made by Suda51, and the other a dungeon RPG designed by Final Fantasy XII/Vagrant Story director Yasumi Matsuno. These are, so far, the only two Guild01-related trademarks registered in the US by Level-5. Curiously absent are the other two games from the cartridge, Saito's airport luggage puzzle game Aero Porter and comedian Yoshiyuki Hirai's weapon shop management game Omasse's Rental Weapon Shop.

The title "Guild01" itself is also missing, which leads us to wonder if Level-5 plans on releasing the games individually instead of in a bundle.

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