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Star Trek Online's player-created content receiving interstellar love


While Star Trek Online players were nonplussed when Cryptic took the Foundry offline for an extended period of time, it should do them some good to hear that the team is committed to improving the mission creation system as the game moves forward.

Assistant Producer Zero said that the Foundry has been a strong success for the game, boasting over 60,000 player-created missions so far. To date, Cryptic has added triggers, branching dialogue, costume customization, and Dilithium tips, but Zero says that is only the start.

Cryptic's plans for the future of the Foundry include a bevy of tools such as new character behaviors, multi-select, patrols, 3-D image previews, and a more streamlined process for creating new missions. The team's also including several new props and maps from other areas of the game. Finally, Zero says the studio is looking into ways to promote excellent STO player missions even further.

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