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Berg's Little Printer up for preorder at $259, ready to churn out smiley news and gossip in '60 days'

Sharif Sakr

Just when RSS needs a lift amid all the growing competition, here comes a gadget we've been waiting for since last November. The Little Printer from Berg is like a tiny personal printing press: put it somewhere in your home, hook it up wirelessly to your router and then sit back while it prints out a "miniature newspaper" from your personal feeds. More than that, the creators have been building upon their BergCloud software to allow the device to pull updates from places like Foursquare and Google, so it can also produce task lists, location updates, and direct messages from friends. The pre-order page lists a price of $259 plus shipping and promises that the Little Printer will start shipping in 60 days -- big news (and a big price) indeed.

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