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Diggs Nightcrawler, Walking with Dinosaurs are two new chapters in Sony's Wonderbook


Sony's augmented-reality Move accessory, Wonderbook, has two new, official stories to tell: Diggs Nightcrawler and BBC's Walking with Dinosaurs. We heard the Diggs Nightcrawler name at E3 this year, but today at its Gamescom press conference Sony showed a video, featuring a multi-armed insect detective in a noir setting as he solves fairy tale crimes. Diggs Nightcrawler is in development from Moonbot Studios.

Walking with Dinosaurs, from Supermassive Games and the BBC, allows players to interact with a range of extinct creatures, including T-rexes and Allosauruses, in a suspiciously educational way.

Disney has also signed on to lend its properties to Wonderbook, though Sony has yet to reveal any details about potential titles. Sony also showed off more footage of Book of Spells, the Harry Potter Wonderbook game, leading us to conclude that this bit of hardware is indeed intended for a family audience.

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