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LotRO's Lore-masters get buff (and buff others) in Riders of Rohan


Lore-masters far and wide in Lord of the Rings Online will be growing in power and ability this fall. In LotRO's newest expansion, Riders of Rohan, Lore-masters stand to be even more attractive fellowship members than ever before as they gain universal access to sharp, pointy things.

In a new class dev diary, Turbine stated that all Lore-masters will be able to train the ability to use an off-hand sword at level 40. Previously, this was a legendary trait-only skill. Due to the change, the team has increased the other stats on the trait.

The three new skills that the class will learn as it levels to 85 will greatly benefit both soloing and groups. Lore-masters will get an improved power-extraction ability, a group-wide power return skill, and a stacking heal-over-time that should beef up the class' medical acumen.

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