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Anonymous: PSN hacked again, 10 million accounts at risk [update: Perhaps not]


A tweet by hacker group Anonymous links out to a document titled "Sony Hacked (LEAK) Playstation Network Pwned," containing a list of email addresses and what appears to be hashed passwords.

The hacker claims to have about 50 gigabytes of information beyond what's in the document, and about 10 million accounts are "at risk." "Yes, if you play PlayStation Network, you're included <3." So yeah, change your passwords, remove your credit card info from your account. Unfortunately, you know the drill by now.

Update: Kotaku reports that the list in the Pastebin doc is a copy of a seemingly unrelated list of email addresses from March 2012, called "Email accs! // universe security sucks." The PSN hack, in other words, appears to be a rumor that didn't turn out to be true. We're checking with Sony regardless.

Still, when was the last time you changed your password?

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