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Are we getting a clearer picture of the iPad mini?


As we approach the rumored launch date, the rumored iPad mini's rumored specs are the latest topic of rumor discussion among many of those who helped bring the rumors to light. I'm not saying I don't believe -- but I do find it interesting that we've come to a point where we're not debating the launch of a smaller iPad, but obsessing over the specific details. Very specific details. It's like this every rumor season, and it has been for years. Remember when the first iPad was going to cost $1,000?

iMore has been carrying a lot of great info, and you should check out their roundup of what interfaces might look like on the smaller iPad's screen. 9to5Mac, meanwhile, has posited a very sane notion that the iPad mini's screen bezels will be smaller on the sides. Not quite like an iPhone, but narrower than a full size iPad for sure. And finally, Gruber has gone into a lot of details on possible measurements of the device, and why a different screen necessitates a different bezel and slightly different form factor.

With any Apple rumor, take your sodium chloride. This one has more legs than usual, however. I'm in the camp that says a form factor like the Fire would be a winner for Apple, and can't wait to see if the iPad mini is everything we hoped it would be.

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