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Breakfast Topic: Why do you play your faction?

Matthew Rossi

A forum post about why people play Alliance turned into a general discussion that got me thinking about why I play what I play, which is primarily Alliance. Interestingly to me, I played Horde most of Cataclysm on my main, so when I went back to Alliance, I felt like I was coming home. To me, I played Horde to raid with good people, to play a tauren -- and that was it. I really don't like Horde races aside from tauren, Horde lore aside from tauren lore, or Horde cities aside from -- actually, I don't like any Horde cities. Sorry, Thunder Bluff. I made some good friends Horde-side and I still miss playing with them (Woo Apples), but in general, I'm happier being Alliance.

But for all the reasons I could say I play Alliance, the real, honest truth is I play Alliance because I like to be able to play with my wife. She's awesome to be around, and I enjoy doing old content and will likely enjoy running dungeons with her in Mists. The fact that I like playing Alliance races like draenei and worgen, that I enjoy Alliance lore better and think Stormwind and the Exodar are cool cities -- none of that really matters. I play Alliance because of my wife.

So, therefore I ask you: Why do you play the faction you play?

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