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Google Maps notches one million public transit stops worldwide, celebrates with an update

Billy Steele

It's no secret how useful Google Maps can be when traveling in an unfamiliar locale -- especially in regards to public transportation. The folks in Mountain View have tallied over one million stops for bus, train, subway and tram systems in about 500 cities around the globe with the software. To celebrate the achievement, Google has released an update to its Maps for Android app. Version 6.10 adds some tweaks to the Transit Lines layer in order to display just one individual method of transport and updated the station pages to display needed information like departure time and lines of service in a more accessible fashion. Also among the new additions are modifications to region highlighting, My Places and Location History. Now, when you enter a city name or zip code, the boundaries of that particular region will be marked for visual reference. For a full rundown of the latest version, hit the first source link below or sprint on to the second to grab the update.

Update: Oh look, Mountain View's even tweaked the icon, which we've added after the break.

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