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Judge Lucy Koh prompts Apple, Samsung CEOs to meet again


Ina Fried has been covering the Apple-Samsung patent trial for AllThingsD, and this morning she reported that Judge Lucy Koh has asked Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung executives Choi Gee-sung and Shin Jong-kyn to meet in an effort to strike a deal before the trial goes to jury.

Koh is quoted as saying "I see risk here for both sides if we go to a verdict." She went on to say that if Samsung and Apple have intellectual property positions in the smartphone and tablet worlds, then "message delivered." Koh's message to both parties? "It's time for peace."

The Apple and Samsung attorneys have agreed to arrange at least a phone meeting between the two parties, although previous meetings of the big wheels has resulted in no resolution.

At this point, Samsung is delivering technical testimony about its patents covering core wireless technologies that it is accusing Apple of infringing. To quote Fried, "the jury has heard about such riveting topics as 'E-DPDCH transmit power gains." Testimony in the case is expected to finish tomorrow or Monday, with closing arguments scheduled for Tuesday.

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