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Massively Exclusive: DK Online Warrior class spotlight


DK Online is ramping up development as Aeria Games maneuvers to prepare for the coming of this action MMO. Today, the company is shining a big ol' spotlight on DK Online's Warrior class, and we've got the scoop with a dev blog, interview, and class video. The class looks to defy stereotypes associated with the name, as DK Online is a lot more flexible with its roles than elsewhere.

As companies are wont to do with pre-release titles, Aeria Games is rebranding the game from Dragon Knights Online. As such, the game's official website will be switching over to a new address later today.

Get a load of the Warrior after the jump and see if this might be the class for you!

Massively Exclusive DK Online Warrior class spotlight
Warrior dev blog

We thought we'd take a break from hacking and slamming monsters to give you a taste of what it's like! Just as with our recent spotlight of the Sorceress, we're giving the Warrior some love to get you melee lovers a sneak peek of what you can expect from these walking whirlwinds of weaponry.

While Warriors can equip two-handed weapons, they're most at home with the iconic sword and shield combo. Now, we know you may see the old "sword-and-board" and automatically think "tank," but this is a good time for a short detour to talk a little bit about class roles in general (don't worry, we'll get back to the Warrior soon enough). DK Online takes the age-old "tank, healer, DPS" trinity and turns it on its head. The classes in this game are built with a measure of versatility in mind, so that they aren't pigeon-holed into specific roles and groups that don't need to have a designated tank and healer to be successful.

So with that being said, the Warrior can definitely take a good beating -- a bit more than some of the other classes, which of course makes sense -- but they aren't just meat shields for glass cannons to hide behind. A well-geared Warrior is more than capable of dealing vicious amounts of damage to enemies foolish enough to stand in their way.

Our favorite: We all know that a Warrior naturally has an arsenal of devastating physical attacks, so rather than highlight one of those we'd like instead to call out a very helpful ability called Purge, which removes all negative status effects on those around you and grants temporary immunity to debuffs. This isn't the type of ability you might expect to come with a rampaging melee fighter, but it serves to highlight the key aspect of all classes in DK Online that we mentioned earlier: versatility. Instead of feeling shoe-horned into a particular role, you have several tools at your disposal for a good degree of utility.

We hope we've shed a bit of light on what you can expect from the Warrior, as well as from the philosophy toward classes in general. Check back with us in the future for more details!

Massively Exclusive DK Online Warrior class spotlight
Interview with Producer Vishal Aasdhir

Massively: Pretty much every game has a stock Warrior class. What sets the DKO's Warrior apart from sword-and-board classes in other MMOs?

Producer Vishal Aasdhir: As we get closer to the upcoming beta and launch, we are working to ensure that all classes offer a unique and fun experience for our players. Currently, we are working on making some great changes to the Warrior class.

In DK Online, the core focus is balance between all classes. The Warrior class offers survivability and versatility, like the Warrior class in other MMOs. One of the major differences that sets the DKO Warrior apart is the chance to become the Emperor of the Realm. You must rise up the ranks of nobility through an intricate system of ranking and voting. It's a chance to partake in a Game of Thrones-style political system in which you must defeat your foes and build alliances to become the undisputed Emperor (read: Ultimate Bad Ass).

It looks like the character in the video is swapping stances and summoning rage, for example. Has DKO borrowed any other elements from other MMOs rather than reinvent a perfect wheel?

While staying true to a lot of the elements associated with creating the perfect warrior class, DK Online's Warrior is heavily focused on versatility. Based on the needs of your group, guild, or mission, you have the ability to alter skills and gear sets. You are no longer locked into a sub-type for your Warrior -- be it tank or direct damage.

How will DKO keep the class interesting and ensure that the Warrior doesn't become the sort of character that stands in place to tank-and-spank?

Again, we want to go back to that key word: versatility. We want warriors to bring more utility to a group than to be a simple tank planted in one spot, so we want to provide them with a toolset that reflects that. And we are, of course, always invested in ensuring that the community enjoys the classes they play. This means that classes will continue to be upgraded and balanced based on community feedback. Players can expect a continuous stream of class-specific items, upgrades, and abilities.

Warriors in PvP are always dicey, especially if they lack an ability to close distance to ranged classes or if their taunting abilities nullified against other players. How will DKO approach the Warrior in PvP?

The DKO Warrior eases the threat of ranged classes with enough armor and health to survive a brutal assault while you chase down your enemies and show them the unfriendly end of your sword. But more to the point, since this game is heavily skill-based, it is far more important to have the necessary knowledge of your class and abilities (not to mention your enemies') in order to effectively combat your foes.

What general strategy tips might the devs have for a new Warrior?

Two words: Don't Die.

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