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Microsoft offers free 90-day evaluation of Windows 8 Enterprise edition to devs, releases .NET Framework 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012


Feeling bummed because you're an aspiring Windows 8 developer, but aren't a TechNet or MSDN subscriber, and so can't download the freshly minted Windows 8 RTM? Worry not, for a 90-day evaluation of Win8's Enterprise edition (both 32 and 64-bit versions in a variety of languages) can be had for free at the Windows Dev Center developer downloads page right now. Before you get cracking on apps for Microsoft's new OS, however, you'll need to grab the newly released Visual Studio 2012 as well. The Express version -- which allows for Metro Windows 8-style apps only -- is free, while the full Visual Studio experience is only currently available to MSDN subs. Additionally, the folks in Redmond have made it easier to write those apps by releasing the new .NET Framework 4.5 RTM. More info and all the software goodies can be found at the source links below. Microsoft devs, your downloads await.

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