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The Secret World's August update adding new weapon, abilities, missions, and more

Jef Reahard

The Secret World's second major content drop is coming on August 28th. The Digging Deeper update includes new avatar customization options, new investigation and action missions, and last but not least, the game's first post-launch weapon addition.

The weapon in question is a rocket launcher that boasts seven new abilities, an eighth ability hotbar slot, and a new auxiliary ability wheel. If you're unhappy with the results of your initial character creation session, you can visit Dr. Anton Aldini in Brooklyn or Ockham's Razor barber shop in London for facial feature and hairstyle customization.

New missions include the titular Digging Deeper, which continues the story thread originally introduced in The Kingsmouth Code. Finally, the August update will add nightmare modes to the The Facility and Hell Eternal dungeons. More info is available at the official Secret World website.

And don't forget about the newly announced free trial; anyone can sign up for three free days of The Secret World. If three days isn't enough, you can earn an additional two days and 1200 bonus points when you complete 30 missions.

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