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Ask Massively: There are better things to complain about than pandas edition

Eliot Lefebvre

I'm going to go right ahead and say that I really don't like the Pandaren in World of Warcraft at all. But it's not because they're pandas. It's because they're the definition of an in-joke taken to ridiculous levels, like an entire race dedicated to Steve Carrell saying, "I love lamp." If you want to be upset about Mists of Pandaria, please, do so about the things that are actually worth being upset over. The existence of ailuropoda melanoleuca is not on that list.

You want a list of what is worth being upset over? Sorry, but this week's installment of Ask Massively isn't about that; it's about the onrushing specter of the Guild Wars 2 launch and the continual scourge of the comment system bugs. If you've got a question you'd like to see in a future installment of the column, send it along to or leave it in the comments below. Questions may be edited slightly for clarity and/or brevity.

Jejeune asked: What's the last day to get more Guild Wars stuff accomplished for inheriting in Guild Wars 2?

There is no last day. Even after Guild Wars 2 is live, you can keep putting stuff in the Hall of Monuments and earn the associated rewards. Granted, it might be a little odd to suddenly find out that your ancestor was totally awesome and now you're entitled to all sorts of cool stuff, but it's not any stranger than the fact that you've got a Charr with the same name as a Vabbian Paragon.
Fienemannia asked: Are some of the persistent issues with the Livefyre comment system (such as OpenID signins) ever going to be fixed?
Hopefully. The best we can do is collate bug reports, send them off to the people responsible for these reports, and hope that these bugs get fixed sometime before the internet crashes and everyone goes back to staring at actual cats. We're not the tech side of this issue, unfortunately; we're the QA team. Readers familiar with the industry will understand.
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