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GetGlue app gets update, has millions of users


GetGlue has been around for about two years; it was the first social networking app that let you check in and review TV shows, movies, and books. In that time, the app has captured a community of 3 million fans who have contributed over 500 million checkins and reviews. Now GetGlue is announcing a big update called GetGlue HD (free), available now for iPad.

The big change is a new guide, which presents each GetGlue user with a personalized list of shows, movies and sports that they like to watch. Live shows and new episodes are always at the top of the list, while reruns are further down. Users can also see what shows their friends are watching, as well as recommendations that match their tastes.

If you're a fan of certain sports teams, their schedules, stats and live scores appear in the grid. Not only is GetGlue HD's guide showing what's on TV, but it also helps users see what's available on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes.

While the new version is available only for iPad at this time, expect to see it move to the iPhone, Android devices, and the sites in the fall.

GetGlue app gets update, has millions of users

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