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MechWarrior Online shows off the Hunchback

Eliot Lefebvre

The Hunchback is not the prettiest machine in MechWarrior Online. It's not meant to be, and quite frankly, it doesn't need to be. This little 50-ton machine is all about taking hits and giving back as good as it gets. It's a classic design for showing off what a medium 'Mech can do, and it's also the subject of the newest video from the staff at Piranha Games.

Solidly in the middle of the spectrum of weights, the Hunchback boasts a sizable amount of armor for its frame and a respectable speed as well. Its armaments might seem light at first, but the AC/20 mounted in its shoulder provides a great deal of punch, and the lasers on its arm and head can carve opponents up in short-range engagements. Take a look at the trailer just after the break to see the machine in action -- even if it's not pretty in stills, its performance more than makes up for looking a little ungainly.

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