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New developer diary explores Minstrel improvements for Lord of the Rings Online

Eliot Lefebvre

You might think that bringing a lute to a swordfight sounds ridiculous, but any Lord of the Rings Online player knows better than to downplay the importance of a Minstrel. Unlike some of the other classes whose changes have been previewed for the upcoming Riders of Rohan expansion, Minstrels aren't receiving any sweeping changes, but they still are getting an update pass. The latest development diary on the official site covers these improvements, all of which should help Minstrels be more effective and fun to play.

Small changes rule the day here, with improvements to buffs and a new area attack mimicking a single-target debuff. A few mechanical shifts, such as ensuring that Minstrel attacks which apply buffs to allies will always apply those buffs even if the attack itself is unsuccessful, should also help the class. Players looking for all the details on how their instrument-playing life is going to get just a little bit easier should look at the full diary for the fine details.

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