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Tearaway isn't the only game Media Molecule is working on


While Media Molecule is hard at work on Tearaway, the new 3D adventure game for PS Vita revealed this week during Gamescom, it's not the only iron the studio has in the fire. The developer has a second project underway, though this mystery game is in the fairly early stages.

"We're working on a second project right now, and that's very much in an R&D phase," Media Molecule's Mark Healy told Eurogamer. Media Molecule co-founder Alex Evans added that while the "focus is Tearaway" right now, only 15 people are working on the PS Vita game, and that "Media Molecule is a lot more than 15 people."

"We call it in a holding pattern," Evans added, "because the focus is on Tearaway. I'm not saying that from a press angle – our focus is on Tearaway and making it awesome. The other project is very much in an early stage and is a toy. You don't need to worry about it."

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